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About Us

Establishment of Arunodaya Foundation

Shri Arunodaya Foundation was established with the blessings of the most revered Acharyadev Shri Padmasagarsurishwarji Maharaj Saheb and with the inspiration and continuous guidance of Jyotirvird Acharyadev Shri Arunodaysagarsurishwarji Maharaj Saheb.

On the auspicious 16th Day of January in the year 1980 - Shri Arunodaya Foundation formally inaugurated by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat - Shri Chimanbhai Patel.

History of Jain PANCHANG

With the aim of the publication of books written by RashtraSant Acharyadev Shri Padmasagarsurishwarji Maharaj Saheb, Arunodaya Foundation has taken additional responsibility of "Pratyaksh Panchang" to fulfill the absence of "Jain Panchang" across Shree Jain Sangh.

"Mahendra Jain Panchang" had stopped its publication since years and to reestablish the JAIN PANCHANG, Pujyapad Acharya Shri Arunodayasagarsurishwarji Maharaj Saheb has introduced first publication with the name of "Shri Simandharswami Jain Panchang" in Vikram Samvant 2038 and dedicated to Shri Jain Sangh. This First copy of Panchang was released by "Shreshthivarya Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai" at Nipani - Karnataka.

The same journey is continued since last 32 years without any interruption or break. Every year Panchang is getting released with important and useful information in public interest.

Current State and Importance

This Panchang has reached its acceptability and popularity due to continuous efforts & Micro calculations of Panyas Shri Arvindsagarji M.s. It’s being used by Jain Sangh, Astrologers and different "SAMUDAYs Sadhu-Sadhviji" as a ready reckoner.

There are many PRATISHTHA-DIXA and other religiously important activities are performed as per the MUHURTS provided in Pratyaksh Panchang. The specialty of Pratyaksh Panchang is that Muhurts are based on Micro level calculation. (In hours-minutes-seconds and micro seconds)

It is noteworthy to say that "Shri Simandharswami Jain Panchang" , become a host to an entire gamut of astrological activities for Shri Jain Sangh.

Shree Seemandharswami Jain Panchang

Divya Ashish : Charitrachudamani Acharya Shri Kailashsagarsurishwarji M.S.

Prerak : Jyotishagya Acharya Shri Kalyansagarsurshwarji M.S.

Shubh Ashirwad Data : ShashanPrabhavak Acharya Shri Padmasagarsurishwarji M.S.

Sanyojak : Jyotirvid Acharya Shri Arunodayasagarsurishwarji M.S.

Panchang Ganit : Ganivraya Shri Arvindsagarji M.S.